Star Key

Session 1

After the character creation, they met the captain

The majority of the session was getting the characters finalized. We did however spend some time, getting everyone aboard the ship…

Session 1 Log:

Star Key: Session 1

Once they plied the ancient seas
Living each day the best they know
Now through dark space’s infinities
That’s where the Traveller’s will go

The message sent out over the local wave was brief and to the point. “Leaving tomorrow, in need of crew and passengers. Inquire at terminal 3. -The Crimson Raptor” It appeared in writing only, scrolling along the local news flashes and advertisements while more entertaining visuals played behind it. No voice to connect to the message, just a quick written blurb to bring in clients hoping to get off of Collace and out of the light.

So they found their way to the spaceport, the brave or troubled souls. Running, hiding, looking for adventure, it didn’t matter, it was the only ship leaving. Their belongings gathered they would approach the ship. Like a great hunting bird it stood, unwieldy on the solid ground, yearning for the freedom of the skies and the great dark beyond. Once it may have been a gorgeous red, now it was faded, weary, comfortable with itself. The back of the ship lay open, a large cargo bay revealed half-filled with containers strewn about haphazardly.

A lone figure waits just inside the cargo bay, sitting upon one of the cases. Though the man is large and powerfully built, his voice is surprisingly quiet as he asks, “Can I help you?”

Sir: Walking along a street Sir glances up at a billboard seeing a scrolling marquee along the bottom claiming a need of crew and passengers. Turning to the nearest person passing by, a middle aged man, he asks, “Excuse me where can I find terminal 3?” The man points vaguely in a direction and he sets off at once.

Eveline is sitting on a bench, exhausted from walking all day. She’s been on Collace for a week now, and its time to move on. She can’t stay in one place for too long, it increases the chance that they’ll find her. Her falcon clumsily preens its feathers, causing her to jerk her head to the right. She sees a billboard, displaying a message about a ship that needs a crew. “That could get me off this planet…” she says to herself, quietly. Her falcon cocks it head to side. She gets up wearily, gathers her few possessions, and asks a nearby person where she can find terminal 3.

Sir: “Yes, I will be taking passage upon your ship. I do assume this is your ship? You look very important and authoritative so it would only make sense that you are the captain, are you not?”

The man looks Sir up and down, taking in the prosthetics and weapon at his side. “Not the captain.” He says. “I’ll call for him though, he’ll be down in a minute.” The man then takes out a small communication walkie and talks into it briefly. A response comes through, “Be right there.” The man shrugs at Sir and takes a seat again.

As Eveline approaches the port she sees a strange looking man standing on the ramp. Just inside she sees another man sitting down on a container.

Eveline approaches the man she sees on the ramp. “I’m here to inquire about passage and work on the ship, if anything is still available,” Eveline responds, trying to sound engaged. “I heard the ad….”
D: Standing on a catwalk overlooking the cargo bay, a tall and dark-skinned and dark-haired figure leans against the railing, watching the newcomers attentively. From her height and build, it stands that she is a Zodani, a rare sight outside of the Consultate. She dresses severely in dark blues, with a high collar, black gloves, and a pair of dark boots. A pistol relaxes on her hip. She eyes Sir cautiously upon noting the weaponry. Eveline and her pet earn a brief glance.
The room was stark and utilitarian, none of the intentional artistry of pinups or the unintended grit and character of dirt and garbage. It contained one bed, too small for the room, and table with a matching chair, much too large. A pale, well kept man in an inexplicably fashionable suit sits at the table, reading glasses resting on his long, chiseled face. He pours over papers and contracts, updated legislation and pending amendments. Imperial law was child’s play compared to the Inyx madness he’d had to learn through most of his adult life. He glances up in a momentary pause at his mentor and owner, a master of a system of laws he could barely comprehend.

“Something bothering you, Attorney Protectorate?” He asks, feeling the idle unease emanating from the giant sack of tendrils and flesh floating in the room, casually glancing over his work.

“Passengers.” The singsong voice of a young girl drifted from the Inyx official. “You know what trouble they tend to be.”

“I’m sure we can deal with them.” He hides a grin, returning to his work. “We always have.”
As Captain Ern made his way from the mid deck he spies Dilaziepr looking down upon the scene in the cargo bay. Still wary of the strange woman, Ern nods to her as he passes and makes his way to the stairs. Putting on a grin he prepares to meet his guests.
D: As the Captain makes his way to meet with the passengers, the figure straightens from her position. Giving a final glance to those in the cargo bay, she makes her way from the cargo bay, intending to inform their other passenger of their newest guests. After arriving at the closed door, she knocks on the door lightly, knowing well the predilections of the passenger within.

M: “Enter.” The girl’s voice says, a hardness hidden beneath the childish tone. The APO does not visibly respond to the woman’s entrance, though the well-dressed man looks up from his work to momentarily smile a nervous greeting before returning his rapidly shifting gaze to the papers in front of him.

D: After being told to enter, Dilaziepr steps through the door. She spares little attention to the fashionable man, speaking instead to the curious lifeform owning the room. “The captain is speaking with our would-be passengers,” she notes toward the squid, standing with her hands behind her back. “It does appear that we won’t be leaving port without company.”

M: “As pessimistically expected.” The Inyx remains motionless, save for the occasional wobble and bob of its antigravity implant. “Do they appear as troublesome as the last group?” The girls voice has lost its edge, as filled with wonder as ever. “I ill wish a repeat of the unfortunate airlock incident.”

D: “I cannot, unfortunately, say.” The Zhodani replies. “Only one appeared to carry a weapon, although the other had some sort of… creature with it.” She shakes her head slightly, before continuing. “You would think that the airlock would have been simpler to clean after that.”

M: “Vargr internal organs have an unappealing, viscous nature. Most unlucky.” The girl’s voice pauses a moment, not as downbeat as her words would imply. “For them, of course. I cannot speak for the airlock. I did not have to clean it.” The APO drifted slightly closer to the door. “The new passengers… I have felt the need for a second slave to perform more demeaning tasks than would befit the IAAPO. Tell me…” Her voice was eager. “Would the creature make a good slave?”

D: “I am unsure if the Captain would appreciate such after securing payment,” the Zhodani responds, voice remaining level and unconcerned. “One of them looks to have been damaged in the past, while the other has the thing with them.”

M:“Everyone has a price.” The APO says, half twisting into a song by the end. “And I have always found it.”
The captain walked down the staircase with the stroll of a man who was more comfortable in the lighter artificial gravity found on board the ship than a planets strong pull. Though only of average build he exuded a self-confident manner one associates with someone used to having their orders followed without question. As he reached the floor of the cargo bay he put on a wide, easy going smile and approached.

Nodding to Chel the captain sticks out his hand to the man and says in a deep commanding voice. “Aww, nice to meet you. I’m Captain Ern, you can call me Ern, until you’re on the ship, then it’s Captain. What a nice looking couple, how can I help you?”

Sir: “Good day Ern, I am here to take passage upon your vessel as I know for certain you will be doomed without me. You may call me Sir.” He extends his hand casting a glance at the figure as she leaves the cargo bay.

“Good to meet you Sir.” says Ern, shaking his hand vigorously. He looks at the woman holding out his hand to her.
Eveline scowls slightly. “I’m hoping to obtain passage on your ship,” she says to the Captain.

Putting his hand away self-consciously the captain nods. “Aww, well, apparently I’d be doomed without the lovely couple. Where might you be heading if I might ask, seeing as we’ll want to go there at some point?”

“Well then, is it passengers you wish to be? Or perhaps you’d like to join up as a crewman? We can always use someone to help out and man a weapon if things get tough. Plus, you’d get to see a fair bit of this part of the galaxy and mayhaps find your destination?” He winks at Sir and looks sternly at the woman. “Sights you’ll see for sure, passenger or crew, but I’d need to know who it was I am taking aboard, either way.”

“Crew would be best, if you have the need. My name is Eveline, by the way.”

Sir: “Yes see sights and perhaps pick up a few manners along the way…” he casts a quick glance at Eveline, “No matter, I am here now so theres no sense in waiting around much longer. Shall we set off, Captain?”

Captain Ern grins even more. “Crew then it is. Fantastic. We’re loading up the rest of the cargo this afternoon and will leave in the morning. Do you have anything you need to get? If not, I’ll be glad to show you to your quarters.” He puts his arm around Sir’s shoulders and almost does the same with Eveline, but stops, eyeing the Hawk. He decides to just lead the way for her. “Come, let’s go, we’ll meet the rest of the crew at dinner.”

Eveline smiles. “Thank you,” she says. She follows the captain.

Sir grins at Eveline, “Very good.”

Next session will begin with dinner and meeting the crew.


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