Star Key

Session 4

Shock and Scream

Sir is the only one who has made it into the hallway when the screams start. The IAP quietly steps back into the room, taking his place in front of his master to protect him. Captain Ern swears under his breath. “Every damn time.” Chel nods to him and takes a step forward, placing himself before the door motioning Sir back towards the room.
Chel’s Turn:
Seeing Sir out in the hall, Chel moves forward, preparing to face the unknown foe.
Dila’s Turn:
Dilaziepier: Stepping back into the doorway, Dila raises her pistol effortlessly at the open entryway, readying an action to shoot the next thing to come through that she doesn’t recognise as being part of the crew. The safety of her gun snaps off.
GM (GM):Madman’s 1 Turn.
As the only people in the hall only Sir witnesses the man jump through the doorway down the hall brandishing a heavy blaster. He only takes a step before unleashing a barrage down the hall towards Chel.
GM (GM):The Madman manages to keep his aim hurling through the door and hits Chel in the chest before he could react. Though the initial damage was mostly absorbed by his armor, Chel is reeling from the sudden attack, looking seriously wounded.
GM (GM): Madman 2’s Turn:
Following the heels of the first figure, another runs through the doorway, though this one doesn’t seem as intent on hitting anything and runs wildly as he attacks.
Still reeling from the first hit Chel is staggered once again as the second figure hits him once more with more blasts to his chest. Chel is knocked backward from the force of the impact.
Gloxria’s Turn:
Gloxria: Gloxria moves towards the room, and just slightly inside and finds a spot to take defense.
GM (GM):APO’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations: “Hmm.” APO vocalizes, the girl’s voice sounding genuinely inquisitive as the Inyx floats by the doorway, unmoving, despite the sounds of weapons fire exploding from the hallway of the ship.
IAP’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations:IAP glances towards his master for a moment, reading intent and orders into the subtlest movement of tendrils and inflections of sound. He moves to the lower left corner of the room, opposite Dila, drawing his blaster pistol and aiming it down the door.
GM (GM):Eustace’s Turn
Eustace: Eveline whispers a command to Eustace, instructing him to fly out into the hallway and prepare to attack.
GM (GM):Captain Ern’s Turn:
Sir sits down.
GM (GM):Captain Ern draws his pistol and moves to the doorway following Gloxria into the hall. “Silly girl,” he mutters under his breath, “we run away from gunfire, not towards it.”
Sir’s Turn:
Sir watches as Chel takes two shots to the chest take a bad wound. Trying to bandage him at the moment didn’t seem like the best option so taking off at a dead run he charges at the closest creature and aiming a knee. In the darkness he ends up running completely past it.
GM (GM):The end of the hallway is revealed as a large blast door, tightly shut against the vacuum of space in the damaged sections of the ship.
Eveline’s Turn
Eveline:Eveline moves through the group congregate at the door out into the hallway. She positions herself so that she has a clear line of sight towards the threat and readies her laser pistol.
Chel’s Turn:
Chel is still reeling from the impact of two attacks, but manages to make his way back up to one knee. The rest of the party has begun entering the hall behind him and that crazy man, Sir, has run into the fray, Like the professional he is, he takes careful aim at the closest madman and aims his heavy blaster.
Dila’s Turn:
Dilaziepier glances briefly toward those running out of the room with a choke point, her expression hidden behind the distinctive Zhodani helmet. She waits for a half-beat before quickly moving to the other side of the door to get a better field of view down the hallway.
GM (GM):Madman 1’s Turn:
The first figure is now revealed to most of the party in the half light of the hall as a man wearing the tattered remnants of the salvage crew’s uniform. Still exultant from his successful attack on Chel, he now rushes towards Sir firing wildly.
As the man fires wildly at Sir he is distracted by the rest of the party that has spilled out the doorway, missing entirely he runs past to the other side of the hall.
Madman’s 2 Turn:
Focused wholly now on his intended victim, the second man, also revealed in the tattered remains of the salvage crew’s uniform, smiles eerily as Chel struggles back to his knees. He takes another step forward and fires.
GM (GM):
Chel tries to dive to the side, but the blaster manages to hit his side tearing a new patch in his armor.
Gloxria’s Turn:
Gloxria felt that now was the time to try and earn her way onto this ship and that it was good practice for what may be to come, but there were so many people in the way that she couldn’t get a good idea of what she was up against. In a sudden moment Gloxria was lifted off the ground and could see over everybody and saw what could only be described as a “bad guy” so she quickly took aim… The shock of being in mid air was astounding, but a bad roll of the dice so-to-speak did not result in hitting the “bad guy”
GM (GM):APO’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations:As the screaming and gunfire continues to echo in the adjoining hall, the Inyx twists back and forth somewhat irritably before eventually growing bored and floating out the broken airlock door into the salvage ship to search for trinkets to steal.
GM (GM):IAP’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations:IAP watches his master leave, glancing at the armored commando before moving and taking cover on the opposite side of the doorway.
GM (GM):Eustace’s Turn:
The Falcon continues down the hallway picking up speed. Seeing the strange man with a weapon aimed at the quiet one, he braces his talons to strike.
Captain Ern’s Turn:
Captain Ern sees Chel down on his knees, his sides smoking from wounds already sustained and moves forward to attack. Aiming under Eustace he fires.
As his fingers close on the trigger however he’s distracted by the floating form of Gloxria behind him, his attack goes wide and misses.
GM (GM):Sir’s Turn:
Sir was a little flustered with his complete clumsiness and instead of turning to face the original creature he instead does an about face to the other creature who ran past him. Still not having his legs under him yet he swipes his rapier three times missing all three.
GM (GM):Eveline’s Turn:
Eveline: Eveline moves a bit more to get a clear view of the madman attacking Chel and Eustace. She takes aim at him.
Chel’s Turn:
Chel, determined now to make up for lost time decides to ignore any pretense of defense at this point and fires determinedly at his attacker. As his blaster hits home however a strange bluish aura covers the man temporarily. Enough force from the attack goes through however to stagger the man and bring him to his knees.
Dila’s Turn:
Dilaziepier glances over to the snazzily-dressed man standing opposite her. Sadly, her position is fairly blind, so she steps into the doorway, smoothly lifting her weapon at the wounded raider before squeezing a single shot.
GM (GM): Dila’s shot echoes down the hall in a momentary hush. The single bullet strikes the man before Chel, briefly flashing the same blue tinged aura before plunging through and striking the man in the chest. As the drops his weapon the aura suddenly reappears, this time a violent red color building in intensity before exploding in a soundless shockwave some 2 meters in all directions from the body. Everything caught within gets thrown violently.
Sir was furthest from the blast and only sustained minor injuries, getting shoved to the side. Chel was much closer however and got thrown violently away, like a ragdoll landing in a heap several feet away. Poor Eustace took the full force of the impact in the air and was slammed against the nearby wall, crumpling to the ground.
Madman 1’s Turn:
GM (GM):The crazed man before Sir didn’t even flinch as the shockwave rushed outward. He took advantage of Sir’s situation however and launched his own attack.
He hits Sir point blank in the chest sending him reeling from the smoking blast.
Gloxria’s Turn:
Gloxria: Gloxria just stood there…. stunned.
GM (GM):APO’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations:Floating through the devastation of the salvage ship’s bridge, the APO begins activating the ship’s communications, sensor and internal systems looking for crew logs, automated security reports, and archived sensor and communications information. It is vocalizing something, musical, half words and half hums. Something about ashes and posies that can’t quite be made out.
GM (GM):IAP’s Turn:
Attorney Protectorate of Operations:Witnessing the devastating effect of death upon their first attacker, the Indentured Assistant Protectorate leans into the hall, watching the close quarters fight between the gentleman and the second likely rigged attacker. For a second, maybe two, he evaluates his options and after weighing the pros, and cons, and risks of them all, stretches out his arm as he leans out the door, and carefully aims at the madman.
GM (GM):Captain Ern’s Turn:
Captain Ern Sees Chel flung violently from the blast and rushes forward to his side, not seeing Sir getting shot in the chest.
Sir"s Turn:
Sir catches the blast of one of the creatures as it explodes and see’s both Chel and Eustace throw like toys. Distracted he takes a shot from point blank range in the chest from the closest creatrue. Re-evaluating his close combat strategy he takes two quick stabs landing the first and missing the second and starts to fall back into the group and stumbles away towards the opposite wall.
GM (GM):Sir hits home with his rapier, the supple sword piercing the man’s chest. The expected blue aura-like shield didn’t appear with the melee attack however and the man stepped back against the wall clutching the wound with one hand.
Eveline’s Turn:
Eveline: Although the first madman she had initially aimed at was dead, the second attacker was still within her line of sight. Eveline shoots, taking advantage of the aim she had already taken.
GM (GM): Eveline’s shot strikes the man as he leans against the wall, Her laser pistol strikes the blue tinged aura however and must of the laser’s power seems to be dissipated. Enough get’s through to burn a section of the man’s side though and further wounding him.
Dila’s Turn
Dilaziepier Steps further into the hallway, calmly tracking the barrel of her pistol toward the second combatant. Her dark armor catches the light and gleams, shining in the muzzleflash as her weapon fires again.
GM (GM):Dila fires only a second after Eveline, whose successful hit staggered the man enough to make Dila’s shot miss by a hair.
Madman 1’s Turn:
Feeling the wounds, but ignoring the pain the madman gives out a shout filled with crazed hateful energy. He rushes forward taking shots wildly down the hall as he runs towards the group near the door.
Dilaziepier ducks back into the doorway as plasma fire rips down the hallway, checking her clip in the momentary reprieve.
The shots miss however as the madman trips his way forward.
Gloxria’s Turn:
Gloxria seeing the bad guy running towards her instinctively takes aim to shoot this … thing … and misses again! Disappointed and fearful she knows it is time to practice more if she survives this.
GM (GM):IAP’s Turn:
GM (GM):The IAP fire’s three shots towards the running madman hitting him with all three. The blue aura again flashes red and begins to build in intensity. The party recognizes what’s going to happen though and try to drop and dodge away from the coming shockwave. All of them manage to get out of the way except for Captain Ern who get hit by the tail end of the wave and flung forward several feet.
Both the madmen have now been killed and the party, battered, injured and wary are now catching their breath.
Both the madmen have now been killed and the party, battered, injured and wary are now catching their breath.
Sir immediately rushes over to Chel to evaluate his condition.
GM (GM):The results of Sir’s diagnosis shows that Chel’s injuries are extremely severe, even if he wasn’t already dead. Without serious medical facilities there’s no way that Sir can help him, much less revive him.
Dilaziepier: As the last madman falls to the ground, Dila makes her way into the room, lowering her weapon in order to move to the bodies, checking their vitals quickly to appraise the dead, before glancing toward Sir. “You are in no position to be exploring,” she says, voice faintly artificial through her helmet. “I insist that you report to the medbay for evaluation and treatment.”
Eveline: Eveline gathers the body and various parts of her falcon that have been scattered about, looking to see how difficult repairs will be. Eustace has taken beatings before, but this was substantial damage.
Sir hangs his head in defeat seeing Chel’s wounds are beyond repair with the facilities available. A wave of guilt rushes over him as he realizes Chel had been throwing himself into the gun fire to protect him and his foolish mistake. He then turns to Dilaziepier, “Of course…” he gentle touches the blaster wound on his chest, “I would like to assist in handling Chel’s body but I do not think I can get him back to the ship by myself.”
Gloxria: Gloxria was still stunned and not knowing what the next move was.
She would usually have some desire to look around, but she was still in the air and not wanting to draw attention to this odd ability. She lowered herself and had her feet back on the ground. Noticing that the captain had been blasted in the blast that just blasted she would hope that the conversation about this would wait to a better time and place. She waited until others moved towards the exit and followed, trying to remain in an open stance in case anybody needed assistance.
Attorney Protectorate of Operations: As the others examine their wounds and rush to the aid of the dead, IAP quietly slips out the doorway towards the bridge of the salvage vessel.
Dilaziepier:“Of course,” Dilaziepr says, calmly. “Let us get you to the medical bay, first; untreated blaster weapons are prone to infection.” She slips an arm below Sir’s shoulder, lifting him gently. “Would you cover him, please?” she asks Gloxria, softly.
Gloxria:“Of course”
GM (GM):Captain Ern picks himself up off the ground and looks quietly at the aftermath of the battle. For the first time he notices his com buzzing and picks it up. “Ern here, we’ve had a problem. Two of the salvage crew attacked us. We’re coming back to the ship with injured… and… casualties.”
On the bridge of the salvage ship the IAP stands before the APO.
GM (GM):The APO’s search for logs was mostly unsuccessful. Much of the controls of the salvage ship were completely destroyed, the only instrument still working was the emergency signal. In a corner under a pile of rubble though, the APO managed to find a data cube that seems to have been recorded recently.
Attorney Protectorate of Operations: IAP takes the data cube, pocketing it as they return to the Crimson raptor with the others.
GM (GM):The crew gathers in the cargo bay of the Crimson Falcon. The body of Chel is placed under a shroud with the crew assembled around him.
The bodies of the two madmen are also placed under a blanket for later examination by Sir.
The captain clears his throat and steps forward. Looking around at the crew he begins, “It’s difficult to lose someone on my crew, even more difficult to lose a friend, and today I have lost both. Chel has served on this ship for more than four years, he put his life at risk to keep the rest of us safe many times. Today he did his duty and we are here because of it.”
Dilaziepier had little time to change out of her armor, tending to the wounded within the medbay. Her helmet is removed, resting on a bench to the side, and she stands at attention.
GM (GM):“We will honor his memory by completing this job and finding out why this happened.”
Looking at Sir the captain says, “Once you’ve seen to yourself and the others, I want you and Dila to examine those bodies, see if you can find out what happened to them.”
“As for the rest of you, tomorrow we’re going back to that Ancient ship and exploring every room. I’ll be damned if a member of my crew gets killed for no reason. Dismissed.”


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