Attorney Protectorate of Operations

An official representative of the Affinity Corporation and a mobile asset protection platform, the APO is well versed in Imperial law, starship operations, and if need be, asset liquidation.


A staple passenger on board the Crimson Raptor, the Inyx attorney and his Vilani assistant are often seen hovering around crew stations and the engineering section, helpfully offering corrections and assessments of the crew’s performance in a voice that alternates between a young girls and a powerful male bass. They are frequently off the ship, sometimes for days at a time, attending to “Official Business”. While they are not officially part of the crew, their presence offers an air of legitimacy to a ship of otherwise dubious legality, and in turn, the nature of the Crimson Raptor allows the APO to conduct clandestine corporate operations well out of sight of Genesis spies.


Attorney Protectorate of Operations

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