Don’t Panic.

Please send me any questions you have regarding any of the campaign material. We’ll use both GURPS and the Traveller Universe as a starting point, so if what we do in the game contradicts some of the information in the handbook, just consider us playing in a very closely related parallel universe…

Players should reference the following books for information about GURPS, the Traveller Universe and the Alien Races found within:
GURPS Basic Handbook 4th
GURPS Campaign/Combat Book
Traveller Basic Handbook
Alien Races Book 1
Alien Races Book 2
Alien Races Book 3 (Please do not read Chapter 3: The Ancients, as it may contain spoilers)
Alien Races Book 4

Reference Playable Races for which races the players may use for their characters. All of the Playable Races will be familiar to each other (unless crazy sheltered background…) and you should read the information on each of them. Other races may or may not be familiar to you.

Reference Galactic Maps for the generally acknowledged outline of explored space. Your character, even if they’ve never traveled before, would be familiar with these.

The Campaign will mostly take place in subsector 268 (The one shown when you first open the interactive map found in Galactic Maps), and players will be mostly familiar with the inhabited planets in that sector and nearby. Your characters will start on the planet Collace, though that may not necessarily be where they are from.

Depending on what kind of character you create from the Character Information, you may have additional knowledge that will be determined after character creation or beforehand if you message me with your character’s background.

There is also a separate wiki that exists for the Traveller Universe that the players should feel free to peruse and gain additional information. I will link to that wiki on some pages, and may copy from it for others. You can find that wiki here: Traveller Wiki.


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