Crimson Raptor

The Crimson Raptor is the name of your ship. It’s captained by an ambitious captain of middle years named Ern Vaagstan. Other crew members include Ace Baron the pilot, 2 sister Aslan engineers known as Thing 1 and Thing 2 and a gunner by the name of Chel. The model of the ship is below, though it has been modified in several different ways. The ship has been used for a variety of different things, from honest merchant ship, to smuggler, and occasionally outright pirate, but it’s held up under all it’s missions and proven herself to be a reliable, if not very pretty ship.

The crimson raptor specs

The following are orthographic views of the ship itself (more or less…).

Crimson raptor front view
Crimson raptor rear view
Crimson raptor side view
Crimson raptor bottom front view
Crimson raptor bottom rear view
Crimson raptor top front view
Crimson raptor top rear view

The ship consists of 3 decks. The top deck consists of 8 crew quarters and rear engineering at the back of the ship. Mid deck consists of 2 passenger modules with room for 4 passengers each, 2 small private quarters, the mess and two storage compartments, one of which is used as a recreation room. Bottom deck consists of the cargo hold and forward engineering, as well as fuel storage. The cockpit is accessible from both top and mid decks. There are 3 gunner pods, one domed rotating turret on top of the ship and one on each wing controlled via monitors and accessed from the mid deck. The wings themselves house the engines which are controlled mainly from rear engineering.

Thanks to Andrew, we now have some much prettier pictures of each deck compiled into one document.
Crimson Raptor Floor Plans

Also, check the comments for further explanations of what things are. Feel free to ask me if you want anything else explained.

Crimson Raptor

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