Playable Races

There are many different races that inhabit the Traveller Universe, but for this particular campaign not all of them are playable races. I will however place all of the Race books on Google Docs for review so that you can read about all the common races and use them to build your character as well. I would ask you not to read the 3rd chapter in Book 3 as it may contain some spoilers, it is bookmarked as GM only.

The races that are playable include (By order they appear in the Alien Races Books):
- The Zhodani (Book One)
- The Vargr (Book One)
- The Aslan (Book Two)
- Minor Humanoid races as found in Humaniti.

You may also play as Solomani and Vilani both of which are described in the Basic Handbook rather than the Alien Races Books. There are more alien races which the players may come across in the Traveller Universe found in Book 4. I’m not dead set on these races by any means and if you can come up with a convincing reason to play one of the other races found in any of the Traveller books, let me know and we can look at them.

You don’t have to read everything by any means, but feel free to browse and check out the Playable races at the very least.

Playable Races

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